Helvetic Trust was founded in 2001 and is a legally and financially independent, owner-managed company.
We position ourselves as a financial services provider that thinks and acts for the long term, with particular strengths in the fields of Wealth Management, Asset Management, Family Office Services, Venture Investments and Real Estate.

Mixed Funds – the manager makes the difference
A mixed fund manager is comparable to a football trainer, says Kay Fischer in an interview with Fondstrends dated 29 January 2018.

«Doing the right things»
Portrait of the Helvetic Trust Family Office in the supplement «Millionär» of the Handelszeitung of November 30, 2017.

Helvetic Trust manager's secret for calming nervy Swiss equity investors
Interview with Kaspar Grob in Citywire on July 4th 2017

Helvetic Trust is a founding member of «Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers»
Leading independent wealth managers increasingly want to exchange information. Read the press release

«Strategies with flair»
Helvetic Trust again wins top rating in international performance comparison.

Authorisation to manage assets in an occupational pension scheme
Helvetic Trust has obtained authorisation to manage assets in an occupational pension scheme

Market commentary
Monthly reporting about the current stock market situation in «Finanz und Wirtschaft».
31 January 2018
15 November 2017
This year’s trend
12 July 2017
Financial securities
10 May 2017
Too expensive? No
8 March 2017
Remain invested
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